Physical Therapy

We specialize in sports and orthopedic injuries, post-operative, and post-concussion therapies.

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Sports Performance

We offer a blended approach of hands on Physical Therapy with sport specific strength and conditioning to help you reach your individual goals.

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Concussion Therapy

We are uniquely specialized in concussion assessment and treatment including exertion, vision/vestibular, cervical spine, and guided return to sport. We are proud to be a part of the Complete Concussion Management Network. We also provide comprehensive baseline testing.

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Our Philosophy

Movement is medicine. We believe in providing individualized physical therapy to fully focus on meeting your goals.  Our unique setting within Loomis Kettlebell Gym allows us to utilize performance based therapy.  Not only do we take care of injuries but we always look to optimize your movement and help you perform better.

As fellow athletes, we get you and are here to help you meet your physical therapy goals. From overcoming injury to becoming your best self every time you compete we want to get you there!

We are proud to offer a blended approach of Physical Therapy and Functional Movement System techniques along with our background as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and StrongFirst instructor.

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