Arm Care Programs and Physical Therapy


Overhead athletes have all been there...

After a game or tournament as an overhead athlete we have all experienced that post-play stiffness, soreness, and sometimes shoulder pain in our arms.  With our arm care programs the goal is injury prevention to restore your mobility and ensure you maintain full strength and stability to meet the needs of your sport.


Get Treated Like the Pros

We stay on top of the latest evidence based research when designing your program.  Our manual techniques may include myofascial decompression (aka cupping), instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (using tools), mobility bands, manual stretching, joint mobilization, and soft tissue massage. 


Be The Best Version of Yourself Every Time You Play

Functional assessment in conjunction with manual therapy and a good strength and stability program can significantly enhance your performance.  Research has shown in baseball an arm care program can enhance velocity 2-4%.  Come see us at Next Level Performance and Sports Therapy in Loomis and take care of that arm! And special shout out to Nicolette (who kicks butt on the college volleyball court) for modeling during her session!