Physical Therapy

We provide detailed assessment and develop an individualized treatment plan to help achieve your functional goals.

Advanced Techniques

* Blood Flow Restricted Training

*Myofascial Decompression (Cupping)


*Manual Therapy

*Myofascial Release

*Functional Movement Assessment

*Functional Exercise Prescription

*Strength and Conditioning

*Return to Sport Training

*Neuromuscular Re-education


Strength and Conditioning

We are housed within Loomis Kettlebell (LKB) Gym owned by strength coach Craig Valentine. LKB offers classes and individual strength and conditioning. Both Craig and Kirsten are StrongFirst kettlebell instructors. Kirsten’s unique setting within the gym allows for full return to sport training as part of the rehabilitation process.

Sports Performance Physical Therapy

In order to return to high level sports activities you must progressively load the body back from injury. No doing the same minimal exercises every visit. We combine manual therapy with individualized return to sport programs in the gym so you can return better than ever.

Physical Therapy Is For More Than Just Injuries…

We offer movement assessments that can help determine if you have any areas that could use work. We can combine an individualized program with manual therapy to help with maintenance, enhance your performance, and keep you in the game!

Next Steps…

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